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Mogul Peter Chernin told insiders at the Super Bowl that the strike is over. I hope so, I need more scripted TV in my life right now.

The movie poster and trailer for the new movie ‘Mama I Want To Sing’ was released. The cast includes Ciara, Lynn Whitfield, Patti LaBelle and Ralph Tresvant. I’m having visions of screaming and screeching in my head and it won’t stop!

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The actress talks family, motherhood and admits she can’t even turn on a computer

Amy Winehouse took a short break from rehab on Monday to pay a visit to the U.S. Embassy in London to meet with officials about renewing her visa, which may not be easy due to her marijuana possession arrest in Norway last year and other troubles.The singer’s father, Mitch, does not want his daughter to […]

This is fun extreme sports. These crazy and daring sports celebrities show off their unbelievable strength and talent in these amazing kiteboarding stunt films.

I bet her fiance hopes she likes being married…

Still under treatment, the singer may be held for 14 more days

Go to the blog entry to see the video!LAWD, I posted about this a while ago, thinking “surely, they jest!” Well, no. Color me as wrong as Keylolo’s blonde locks!They are going to be airing a 22 minute “SuperSneak” peek during halftime of the Super Bowl on Sunday on Oxygen, and it’ll also be streaming […]

A few days ago some comments coming out of the Weinstein company got some buzz going about the possibility of a Rambo 5 movie. The first half of Rambo 4 was some of the worst filmmaking I’ve ever seen in my life… but the second half of the movie was balls to the wall non-stop […]

After taking huge losses in profit, Motorola is rethinking it’s mobile division. Does this mean that old StarTAC you have in your old shoe box might become a collector’s item?

The video of Heath Ledger was pulled from ‘The Insider’ and ‘Entertainment Tonight’ after celebrities threaten to boycott the entertainment shows. Now they know how Dr. Phil feels right now.