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The video for the first single from Ashanti’s ‘Declaration’ album.

Former ‘Diff’rent Strokes’ star Gary Coleman married 22-year-old Shannon Price in August on a mountaintop in Nevada, but kept their vows under wraps. Why?? She said they kept their wedding secret because she wanted to keep being seen as her own person. Whatever…we didn’t know her before.

Conspiracy theorists stand up! A new social security card has been proposed that will contain all your information along with photo on a microchip.

OJ Stars In Jail Show J Simpson stars in an episode of the show Jail. The showfeatures exclusive footage of him being booked, candid interview and first-hand reaction of the January 11, 2008 arrest. At least this is something OJ is use to doing.

The CW Kicks Girlfriends To The CurbAfter 8 seasons, Girlfriends has ended with no series finale. The decision was made very last minute without any advance notice. That’s just cold! It’s like when Moesha ending with a cliffhanger. If you want Girlfriends to at least shoot a finaleÉ you better get to writing.

ABC is ordering the next season of Samantha Who. Theyare also ordering more of their top shows such as Ugly Betty and Grey’s Anatomy.


The United Democratic Party won the general elections in Belize last week. Why should you care? Dean Barrow, father of jailed ex-Bad Boy rapper Jamaal ‘Shyne’ Barrow, was sworn in as Prime Minister.


Lil’ Wayne – I’m Me (2008).


Mos Def kickin it with Dave Chappelle.

Word has it that rival photo agencies are paying off Bloods and Crips to scare away paparazzi. Hey, if the U.S. government can hire gang squads like Blackwater, why even be surprised for the idea to trickle down.


World premiere of Mariah Carey’s new song Touch My Body on Z100 New York.


Bun shows in this video that he’s a very eloquent speaker although a lot of his peers can’t seem to string a sentence together. Do you think some artists are afraid to show that they have a vocabulary above a 6 year-old?