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Filed under: Heath The paparazzi broke the news of Heath Ledger’s death to Jack Nicholson in London last night — and he had an eerie reaction to the news. The photogs told Jack that Heath overdosed, but right now the evidence is pointing away from a suicide…. Read more

Adnan Ghalib also tells Entertainment Tonight that Spears is ‘not crazy at all’


It’s a sad thing, but the press writes obituaries for ‘at risk’ stars all the time. The Associated Press began preparing Britney Spears’ obit within the past month.

The pop singer previously was cross-examined for only 14 minutes

Filed under: Talk He ain’t so perfect after all! TMZ shot exclusive video of Super Bowl bound QB Tom Brady wearing some sort of cast on his right foot and limping to the doorway of Gisele’s doorway in NYC earlier today! This is a big deal! Even says so!… Read more

Filed under: Paris Hilton, Let’s Get This Party Remember the last time Paris Hilton went to see David Letterman? He asked about her stint in the slammer — and she wasn’t too stoked about it.But TMZ has learned that Dave’s getting another shot with Princess P, and that she’ll be a guest on the… […]


It’s a wrap folks. Amy will be hooking friends up with $20 DVD players soon.

Chris Noth of ‘Sex and the City’ and ‘Law and Order’ fame has welcomed his first child, a baby boy, with longtime girlfriend Tara Wilson last Friday. hey met when she was an employee at The Cutting Room, the NYC bar he co-owns.


Kelly adds his haunting shout-out’s to the remix. Did Kanye approve this?


The WGA has decided not to picket the Grammy Awards. That’s good news for some of the actors/musicians that would have caught it after the strike is over for going to the show.


The doctor appeared on ‘Larry King: Live’ to talk about how the bad press from the Donda West tragedy nearly destroyed his practice. At least this time he stuck around to finish this interview.


Wu-Tang member Ghostface Killah says if fans don’t stop illegally downloading, and start purchasing his music he’ll retire.