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Kim Porter and one of the twin girls (Jesse or D’Lila) at the Boom Boom Room’s gifting suites in Cali over the weekend.


Who cares about the albums Donnie hooking up with that girl, Willie hooking up with that girl. Danity Kane, the new guy group and solo artist Donnie are all living together in Miami. Making The Band 4 is going to be scandalous!!


It’s called ‘The Way That I Love You’


T-Pain, Chris Brown and Lil’ Mama on the set of her new video ‘Shawty Get Low.’


We’d call it ‘Me & Mariah,’ but we’re sure you can come up with a better headline for this pic of Mariah Carey and DaBrat entering Moo Moo’s swanky penthouse in NYC after her St. Barts vacation.

Even without seeing her face, you an tell that Amy Winehouse needs some help. Check Kelly Osbourne’s face as they met for brunch on Sunday.

Paris Hilton (left) and Carmen Electra (right) both rock this Catherine Malandrino dress in Cali. Who owns it?


John Mayer loves Justin Timberlake’s Love Stoned/I Think She Knows so much that he recored a long verison… Collings I-35 through a Roland Space Echo pedal, Cornish NG-2 Fuzz and Fender ’64 Vibroverb… Looped through a Boomerang pedal.

According to a post on MySpace, the circulating video is NOT of Tiffany ‘New York’ Pollard.

If the Writer’s Guild isn’t picketing, does anyone really care?

CBS is set to roll out 3 new reality shows. Just what we need…more reality shows.

Check out what the winners said about their awards.