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Baby Kaavia was born to Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade via surrogate on November 7, 2018. Without knowing much about the beautiful girl, we were all so happy for the Wade family, as Gabrielle revealed she’d struggled to conceive for years. In our eyes Kaavia is their miracle child and after becoming acquainted with the tot through social media, we can also say she’s, for sure, one-of-a-kind. Very early on, Gabrielle Union nicknamed her daughter “Shady Baby” — and with great reason, as she’s got some facial expressions that will definitely make you, a grown adult, feel shaded. Gabrielle told PEOPLE last year, “She looks just like dad, but I’d like to think the attitude is from me. She will stare into your soul and tell you about yourself through her eyes.”

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Most recently, the funny tot inspired her mom to writer her first-ever children’s book, titled Welcome to the Party and illustrated by Ashley Evans. “I’m so excited to be releasing my first children’s book,” Union told PEOPLE earlier this week. “Since the birth of my daughter … I’ve been even more inspired to create stories that are not only representative of the cultural melting pot we live in, but also celebrate life and the fun, teachable lessons that come at every age.”

Kaavia is not easily impressed but she gave her mom’s new book rave reviews:

Pre-order your copy of Welcome to the Party here, plus the funniest photos of Kaavia’s beautiful personality shining through below.

1. “Another day with these people.”

2. Not here for the full-on photoshoot.

3. Or for this farmer’s market ‘fit.

4. “Fix it and fix it now.”

5. “Why y’all got to include me in this corniness?”

6. “What these people want from a baby?”

7. “Mom, if I gotta explain how this works one more time…”

8. “When karma is right on time and you got a front row seat” — perfect caption, Baby Kaavia.

9. “Whatcha looking at, chump?”

10. “I said get it done — not now, but RIGHT NOW.”

11. “Santa, if you can see this, save me.”

12. “At my wits’ end!”

13. *Sips tea*

14. “Who you think you talking to, ma’am? Cause I assure you, I am NOT the one.”

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