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1. 1. Axl Rose recently turned down his induction to the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame citing he didn’t respect the organization.

2. 2. Jay-Z boycotted the Grammys not once, but twice. In 1999, Jay boycotted the Grammys citing they snub hip-hop artists and he boycotted them a second time in 2002.

3. 3. Bon Iver wasn’t a fan of the Grammys, but still attended the ceremony. The academy asked him to perform but they refused once the Academy told them it had to be a collaboration with another artist.

4. 4. Hip-Hop collective Public Enemy was invited to the 1991 Grammy Awards, but declined the invite citing the Grammys’ “Lack Of Respect” for hip-hop artists.

5. 5. Will Smith and DJ Jazzy Jeff refused to attend the 1989 Grammys due to the organization’s refusal to air the rap portion on TV. The two went on to win a Grammy that year, making them the first rap act to ever win the award.

6. 6. The band Pearl Jam refused to perform at the 1996 Grammys citing that the award show “doesn’t really mean anything” and that they wanted to “relax.”

7. 7. In 1991, Sinead O’Connor boycotted the Grammys and refused to accept three awards from the Academy. She was the first artist to ever refuse to accept an actual award.

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