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A fit a day, keeps the haters away or so Steve Harvey thought. The comedian and actor has been getting his outfits off recently alongside wife Marjorie Harvey. Some fans are praising Harvey’s fashion efforts, while others are not so impressed.

Harvey decided to make a fashion statement while traveling with his wife to Paris. His trip appeared to be a lap of luxury featuring countless designer outfits. The comedian’s stylist had him draped in popular designer brand, Bottega Veneta. Some of his most memorable outfits from the trip were transformed into memes of him cosplaying anime characters, rappers and other notable superheroes and villains.

As always, the Internet will make a joke out of anything even if it is just Steve Harvey serving looks. Fans compared Harvey to rapper Playboi Cardi, adding short red locs to his otherwise bald head. They even turned his monochromatic, green look (which we actually enjoyed) into a Green Lantern moment. It was entertaining to say the least.


Though some may not be a fan of his new look, Steve Harvey could care less. The suit and gator loving comedian is still on a roll, posting some fashionable moments featuring trendy long coats, top hats and unforgettable loafers. What a time! Harvey is in his bag whether fans like it or not giving fans the content we deserve. It honestly looks like a rollout for something, and we will keep our eyes open for the announcement.

We think so too:

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Source:Steve Harvey

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