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According To Women, These Are The Sexiest Things A Man Could Wear  was originally published on

1. Man Make The Clothes, Clothes Don’t Make The Man

We blame Serge Ibaka and his obsession with grey sweatpants for OUR obsession with his grey sweatpants. Wow. Uhm, we lost our train of thought. Oh yeah…men, clothes, sex appeal. It doesn’t take much to make us blush. So we started asking women in the office: What’s the sexiest thing a man can wear? The answers may surprise you.

2. A Smile

A Smile

“Smile because an inviting smile will always make me comfortable to open up and be myself with him.” -Nicole, 27

3. A Towel

A Towel

“It could drop.” -Veronica, 29

4. A Sweater

A Sweater

“I like the way they cling to men’s bodies, but they’re not too tight. It’s enough to show me what the shape is.” -Monique, 23

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