1. Beyonce’s Birthday

Beyonce was born September 4.

2. Jay Z’s Birthday

Jay Z was born December 4.

3. Beyonce & Jay Z’s Wedding Date

Keeping up the “4” theme, Jay Z and Beyonce wed on April 4, 2008, which translates down to 4/4. Beyonce and Jay Z also made their first red carpet appearance together four years earlier in 2004.

4. Blue Ivy’s Name

Blue is a primary color and the human eye recognizes the color blue around four hundred wavelength nanometres.
Ivy is a play on the fourth Roman numeral which is IV.

5. Destiny’s Child

Over the years, Destiny’s Child released four studio albums, four compilation albums, and had four number singles.

6. Destiny’s Child Originally Had 4 Members

Letoya, LaTavia, Beyonce, and Kelly were the original members of the ’90s R&B group.

7. Beyonce’s 4 Album

Beyonce’s “4” album is her fourth studio album and was released on her sister’s birthday on June 24.

8. Wedding Anniversary

Beyonce Jay Z OTR Houston

On their 4th wedding anniversary, Jay and Bey renewed their vows and had a huge star-studded anniversary party.

9. Beyonce Won 4 Moon Men At The 2014 MTV VMAs

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