1. 1. Happy Birthday, Uncle Rush! | Photo Credit: Getty

2. 2. Uncle Rush with Rev. Jesse Jackon and LL Cool J. | Photo Credit: Getty

3. 3. Uncle Rush showing off his Phat Farm. | Photo Credit: Getty

4. 4. Uncle Rush during his Def Jam days.

5. 5. Uncle Rush on a tour bus with Run DMC and The Beastie Boys.

6. 6. Uncle Rush with his little girls, Aoki Lee and Ming Lee.

7. 7. Uncle Rush making moves with Donald Trump and Andre Harrell.

8. 8. Uncle Rush with Method Man and Red Man.

9. 9. Uncle Rush with Rev Run and Nas back in 2002. | Photo Credit: Getty

10. 10. Uncle Rush in his new lifestyle line, Tantris.

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