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Draaaake? The entertainer trends on social media today (Feb. 6) for a leaked video, showcasing his gentleman parts. The Internet has gone mad for the viral video, and their reactions are hilarious. Check out our favorite fan reactions to Drizzy’s glizzy inside.

Somehow, a leaked video of Drake found its way on the Internet. The Toronto rapper can be seen fondling himself as he records on his cell phone. Fans and celebrities share their excitement and disappointment on social media. Actress Jackée Harry even posted on X, saying, “Suddenly, my hotline’s blingin’..”

Other fans chimed in saying the girls are too excited over the video. One social media user said, “yall gagging over that drake video like he ain’t use his excess lipo juice to get him a DDL.” A DDL is crazy, but after Drake’s alleged abdomen surgery, a fan could wonder what’s real and what’s not.

There were several wild takes, but the one that resonates across the Internet is that the girl’s want to know why Drake isn’t happily married sharing his collection of Birkin bags with his wife. Some believe that despite his desirable appearance, fame and wealth, and now a huge package, he still can’t keep a woman because of his own insecurities.

One of Drake’s self-proclaimed haters shared a post on X, saying, “As a Drake hater, I’m glad the boy got a big wiener bc it’s just proves my point even further. You’re rich, you’re famous, you’re light skin, you’re Jewish & you packing AND STILL!! No woman wants to stay with him bc deep down, he’s just a loser.”

Yikes! Nonetheless, fans are thankful to whoever’s behind the leak. It gave us all some unexpected Tuesday entertainment post Grammy’s hype.

Check out our favorite fan reactions to Drake’s viral leak below:

1. Meat & Greet, Anyone?


2. It’s Too Much


3. Absolutely No One:


4. Put Ya Money Where Your Mouth Is


5. The Girls Are Wildin’


6. It’s Not Even Noon


7. Not A Wholesome Trend


8. Bae, I Was Just Curious


9. Too Curious


10. Sir, Relax


11. HELP!


12. Everyone’s An All Star Sprinter


13. The Art’s Been Impressive


14. Jackée’s Too Clever


15. Wildest Tweet of the Day


16. We Don’t Condone Hate, But Points Were Made