1. 1. Ke$ha had the American flag painted on her face for her V Magazine shoot.

2. 2. Beyoncé rocked a similar look for her Gotham magazine shoot.

3. 3. Lady Gaga had a Wonder Women look going for herself in the “Telephone” video.

4. 4. A$AP Rocky blew one down in front of the American flag on the cover of his <i>LiveLoveA$AP</i> mixtape.

5. 5. Chris Brown rocked a shirt with an American flag on it while performing at JAM’N 94.5’s Summer Jam in Boston.

6. 6. The legendary Michael Jackson showed his country some love during a performance.

7. 7. Lil Wayne had American flag shorts on while performing at the BET Awards last year.

8. 8. American flag clothing was a regular for the Dipset crew during their heyday.

9. 9. Jennifer Lopez waves the flag for troops stationed in Germany on the USO holiday tour.

10. 10. Even though she was British, Ginger Spice, 1/4 of the Spice Girls, rocked the American flag proudly.

11. 11. Carrie Underwood was looking very patriotic during the 2006 baseball all-star game.

12. 12. New Mommy Jessica Simpson reps her country hard.

13. 13. Justin Timberlake was looking dapper in W magazine.

14. 14. Bono showed his love for America during the Super Bowl Half-Time show in 2002.

15. 15. Britney Spears of was looking like an all-American girl on the cover of Rolling Stone.

16. 16. Guns N’ Roses frontman Axl Rose had American flag-themed spandex on during a performance.

17. 17. The highly political Killer Mike isn’t afraid to show off his patriotic side.

18. 18. When Prodigy launched his website, he included numerous pictures of himself. One of the pics included was this gangsta, patriotic image.

19. 19. Prodigy said Nas swagger-jacked his style after he appeared in XXL standing in front of a flag, right after P released his pic.

20. 20. Outkast funks up the American Flag on the cover of Fader magazine back in 2003.

21. 21. Madonna used an American flag backdrop for her “American Pie” video.

22. 22. After Jay-Z and Kanye West dismantled a Maybach during the “Otis” video, they rocked out in front of a flag.

23. 23. Katy Perry wore a half American flag, half British flag dress in London back in 2010.

24. 24. Lana Del Rey used American flag imagery for her “Born To Die” video.

25. 25. The whole Taylor Gang showed their patriotic side on the cover of The Source last month.

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