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Psychic Zya hooked us up with another week’s worth of horoscopes!

Bossip Horoscopes

Source: iOne Digital / Tommy de Yampert

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On the 15th Mercury joins the Sun and Venus in Taurus giving us a healthy dose of grounded wisdom, indulgent appetites (of all varieties) and a steady focus on truly manifesting what we wish when it comes to abundance.

Use this energy to enter new partnerships, start new projects or reassess your financial goals!

Alrighty, let’s see what’s in store for you this week…

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Bossip Horoscopes Source:Tommy de Yampert

If you feel that your life is somehow on track and you want to level up across the board, the Universe has your back deeply at this time. Start with harnessing a deep sense of self by sharpening your intuition and then being sure to listen to it. To open up that third eye chakra- your psychic center- meditate by staring into the flame of a purple candle for ten minutes a day while holding a piece of black tourmaline, purple amethyst or selenite crystal.
RED FLAG: Be careful if you’re gossiping about folks – especially relatives- it will come back to bite you in the booty over Thanksgiving dinner.
SWEET SPOT: Have you found that the Solar Flares happening on Earth have made you more sensitive? It’s good — that means your spiritual gifts are kicking in. Help to integrate these new energies by wearing white and eating a lot of citrus fruits.


Bossip Horoscopes Source:Tommy de Yampert

Where do you hold shame? Whatever comes up for you when you see this question – take some time to journal on this. Why? Because shame about things – which can run the gamut from – shame of your body to your income status is actually blocking your ability to manifest at a high level and on a consistent basis. Work to release shame and you’ll find doors just flying open for you across the board.

RED FLAG: Instead of being a silent hater, you can learn a lot from the person in your world who is not afraid to live out loud and stand proudly in who they are. Try it out and see how you feel.

SWEET SPOT: Give serious thought to starting a chanting practice. Make it easy and write down one short affirmation, grab some Mala beads and chant this affirmation 180 times a day while touching each bead as you say the mantra.


Bossip Horoscopes Source:Tommy de Yampert

Your ancestors are ready to give you a ton of spiritual bloodline gifts as well as those of business acumen. They have actively been trying to reach you in your dreams, but many of you aren’t preparing yourself properly for dreaming in power. Try this over the next week: take a hot shower before bed, do a small ten minute meditation of your choice, light a tiny candle and ask that they come into your dreams with a divine message that you can remember with ease. In the morning be sure to ignore your phone and jot down everything you can remember.

RED FLAG: Neglecting your self care while caring for others  will only lead to burn out and pent up resentment. Be mindful.

SWEET SPOT: If you’ve been feeling that you want to personally rebrand yourself– start with your wardrobe. As you do this – think ahead a bit and ask yourself –”how do I want people to perceive me?” Start there and the rest will fall in line easily.


Bossip Horoscopes Source:Tommy de Yampert

What do you truly desire for your life? This question will come up heavily this week as you take a long look at your current reality and the decisions that led you there. Some of you are pouring into bowls with holes in them and others are overly taking, causing you to be surrounded by people who may secretly resent you. If this hits home- don’t overly judge yourself – but start to self correct and seek to learn what is at the core of these behavior patterns.

RED FLAG: Your boundaries at work with key colleagues will be tested this week. Brace yourself.

SWEET SPOT: If you haven’t already, develop some sort of active meditation practice which could be Yoga or Forest Bathing (it’s a thing) to help you stay centered and motivated in all areas of your life.


Bossip Horoscopes Source:Tommy de Yampert

The tricky thing with manifesting things that we want, is that though we may consciously want them, unconsciously we may not feel worthy of them. And thus we will quietly (or not) self sabotage any opportunities that lead to us getting what we want. Yea — it is totally that deep. Read this again.

RED FLAG: There will be some pretty “crazy” secrets revealed about your family or even your birth over the coming months. 

SWEET SPOT: To help with feeling worthy, you’ve got to get your nervous system into a good place. Start with learning how to do Somatic Breathing and Shadow journaling and then work your way up to Trauma Release massage therapy.


Bossip Horoscopes Source:Tommy de Yampert

Grief and grieving has to be honored and it has to be felt to be healed. Many of you are overworking so that you don’t feel pain. But what you’re saying to your soul is that there isn’t enough time and money to allow pain to be processed and the heart to be healed. Is this truly what you believe? Do you not think you’re not strong enough to feel the pain slowly and steadily until it turns into a balm for your soul? What you ignore now, can come up later in the form of mental or physical illness. Grieving is self-care. Meditate on this horoscope all week long as we head into your bday season.

RED FLAG: Radical rebirths can be chaotic. But many Gems are transitioning heavily into their next chapter. Give yourself grace and take it slow.

SWEET SPOT: Wearing notes of purple especially with your undergarments will help to make you feel relaxed and confident this week.


Bossip Horoscopes Source:Tommy de Yampert

If your nerves have been jittery then start helping yourself out with aromatherapy and spiritual baths. Grab some sandalwood incense and light it while taking a citrus bath – which includes Epsom salt, Orange essential oil and dried chamomile mixed in with jojoba oil. Take note of how much your mood improves after doing this a few times over this week.

RED FLAG: Don’t let anyone dim your shine, haters gonna hate. Make this a daily mantra this week. You’ll see exactly why you’ll need it.

SWEET SPOT: Cultivate a fearless self love this week and watch how many new admirers start to flock towards you.

8. LEO

Bossip Horoscopes Source:Tommy de Yampert

Quite a few of you are undergoing a deep awakening from the Soul Level. Which frankly can be unsettling and often come with a variety of emotions from rage to joy. It’s all okay – but what’s key is to explain to your loved ones that you’re shifting on a deeper level and to be patient with you. If this resonates, do a search on the term “Dark Night of The Soul.” So that you can fully understand the benefits of this transitionary period. 

RED FLAG: Stay away from reds and gold tones this week as it may cause you to feel more anger than usual. Opt for creams and earth tones if you can.

SWEET SPOT: This is a great time period to deeply tap into what you truly desire for the next ten years of your life. What resonates with your Soul. Get curious about what really moves you. 


Bossip Horoscopes Source:Tommy de Yampert

 You’re entering a season of storms as we move into Gemini, where all masks – both the ones you (and others) wear will be snatched away. Not gonna lie, this won’t be a pretty process but it will be necessary. You’re being asked to move radically into shifting your POVs, as well as the areas of your life that you’ve neglected.
RED FLAG: Don’t loan nothing to nobody that you can’t afford to lose. Especially now, when so many have tight funds. Choose wisely.
SWEET SPOT: Update your bedtime wardrobe to make your sleeping time more restful and fun (wink).


Bossip Horoscopes Source:Tommy de Yampert

Do you know what alchemy is? It’s the ability to bend reality to your will. To change something into another form. Libras are about to learn the art of alchemy but first you must get super clear on what would truly bring you peace, joy and healthy abundance. To get a head start on this gift, head over to YouTube and start learning about Quantum Jumping/Jumping Timelines. It’s a fascinating metaphysical science.

RED FLAG: Soul forgiveness – truly deeply forgiving yourself and others for past transgressions is hard. But work towards it anyway, because when we heal in this area we stop all self sabotage – and who doesn’t want that?

SWEET SPOT: If you’re up for it, to help move your life to a higher and better reality, give thought to working with Queen Nefertti. This ancient Goddess is great at alchemy. Just set up a small altar to her with a bit of candy, wine and some incense.


Bossip Horoscopes Source:Tommy de Yampert

Indulging in your carnal nature is something that Scorpios do best; however it’s time for you to take this most human of emotions and raise it to the level of sacredness. Because through intimacy we can create and manifest supreme levels of a higher vibrating reality. If this appeals to you then start to learn and then practice Tantric Sex with a partner you love deeply and trust even more. 

RED FLAG: If you’ve been feeling emotionally scattered lately then you need to get into the habit of grounding your energy. Slip a hematite crystal bracelet onto your ankles and slow dance to some good R&B music while eating grounding meals such as beef stew with plenty of carrots and potatoes.

SWEET SPOT: If you’re slacking on your physical fitness – think about joining a weekly sports group – that way you can get out, be social and get fit.


Bossip Horoscopes Source:Tommy de Yampert

Truth through betrayal may come up for you this week. Don’t fret though, as your spirit team has been trying to get you to look sincerely at a situation and see it for what it truly is. And since you’ve ignored all of the red flags, you’re now being served up with a situation that you simply can no longer ignore. Be grateful as this is shortcutting any unnecessary drama down the line.

RED FLAG: Pay attention to behavior patterns not words. People will literally do and say anything.

SWEET SPOT: Spend some time with both the elders and the younger in your life this week. It will really do your spirit some good.