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"Euphoria" Season 2 Photo Call

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The star of HBO Max’s Euphoria Season 2 debut is Angus Cloud. The premiere explored his character, Fezco’s backstory and started with a New Year’s bang.

Euphoria returned after three years, and its executive producer Zendaya mentions that the time off was necessary for the show to grow to new heights. Six characters from the cast received the show’s signature backstory episode introductory treatment in the first season. Yet, fans still hadn’t tapped into characters like Cloud as the thoughtful drug dealer.

The season finale left Fezco in an unpredictable, life-threatening position. Nate, portrayed by Jacob Elordi, left Fezco with some unfinished business. Last night’s premiere finally gave fans a closer look inside Scorsesian Fez’s backstory, and it ends right where the story left off. There were several moments to relish in within the second season, but Cloud’s performance was an unexpected, pleasant surprise.

ICYMI: We won’t ruin the Season 2 debut. However, there are moments throughout the episode where we discover how his life ultimately chose him and why he maintains his kind, honorable spirit regardless.

Cloud spoke with GQ in 2019 about how his role as Fezco wasn’t planned.

“Last year, the Oakland native was walking down a Manhattan street,” GQ writer, Mia Galuppo writes in the profile article. “So Cloud was walking down that street when he was stopped by a pushy representative who said she worked for a casting company, asking him to come in to read for a new TV series.

Cloud shares that he believed the random encounter was a hoax.

“I was confused and I didn’t want to give her my phone number,” he shares. “I thought it was a scam.”

It was indeed meant to be. He soon found himself reading lines from Euphoria’s pilot episode, adding: “I had to change it a little bit. To make it sound real, like how I would say it.”

The flourishing actor quickly found stardom in being himself and later honing in on his craft through a series of classes. The article also mentions that he studied at the prestigious Oakland School for the Arts, which is the same performing arts institution attended by Euphoria co-star and executive producer Zendaya before she became a prosperous Disney Channel star.

Cloud’s focus was technical theater, so he spent majority of his time there building the sets and lighting the stage for the “real actors.”

The Euphoria star became a fan favorite, because of his natural knack for acting and hard work.

“It’s a different kind of hard,” he shares of his new experience onscreen. “I am not running around sweating, but it’s that mental shit. You have to stay focused. You have to be on point. You can’t call in sick. Acting takes a lot out of you. I’d be drained, but I was just sitting there acting.”

Check out a gallery of our new favorite star, Angus Cloud, from the series below. He’s handsome, gifted and favored! Be sure to catch new episodes of Euphoria on HBO Max each Sunday at 9 pm EST.

1. Angus Cloud Everyone

Source:Angus Cloud

2. It’s Most Certainly The Eyes

Source:Angus Cloud

3. The Girls Are Obsessed (Read the Comments)

Source:Angus Cloud

4. A Natural

Source:Angus Cloud

5. A Star

Source:Angus Cloud

6. The Talent

Source:Angus Cloud

7. Model Angus

Source:Angus Cloud

8. Real Ones

Source:Angus Cloud

9. Mr. Cloud Himself

Source:Angus Cloud

10. Heartthrob

Source:Angus Cloud

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