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Actor Morgan Freeman arrives at the Los Angeles Premiere Of Lionsgate's 'Angel Has Fallen' held at the Regency Village Theatre on August 20, 2019 in Westwood, Los Angeles, California, United States.

Source: WENN/Avalon / WENN

The running joke is: Morgan Freeman was born old. While that’s obviously not true (maybe), there aren’t many photos of him as a young legend-in-the-making, so what are we to believe?

For his 83rd birthday today, Global Grind scoured the internet for pictures of a young Freeman — and while we weren’t able to find any flicks of the Academy Award-winning actor with a pacifier, per say, we did find a couple photos of him in his 40s… if that even counts? Freeman also posted a couple pictures of himself in college and in the Air Force. Spoiler Alert: He pretty much looks exactly the same, minus the facial hair.

Celebrating Veteran’s Day back in November, he wrote alongside his Air Force photo… “This is the kid who joined the Air Force ‘way back when.’ His love for flying was ignited by watching movies every week at his local theatre. I salute all of our service members for their selfless sacrifice and their dedication to our peace and freedom. Thank you. Happy #VeteransDay!”

Young Freeman had flight in the aforementioned college pic, too, leaping into the air during dance class. “I took voice and dance lessons at L.A. City college and went on to dance in a few productions, including Rudolph, the Head Waiter, in Pearl Bailey’s Hello, Dolly! on #Broadway,” he wrote. See both photos below.

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His versatility should come as no surprise since he’s been working in the industry since the early ’60s, as a dancer in the 1964 World’s Fair, as member of the Opera Ring musical theatre group in San Francisco, on Broadway, off-Broadway, in films like The Pawnbroker, and more.

Today, we’d like to celebrate the Lean On Me icon, who literally played God in Bruce Almighty. Join us in wishing him a happy, happy birthday and check out a sort of Young Freeman below. 


1. Check him out!

2. Woah.

3. ‘Mighty Gents’ opening Party back in ’78.

"Mighty Gents" New York Opening Party - April 12, 1978 Source:Getty

4. Morgan Freeman appears in ‘Hollow Image’ back in ’79.

Morgan Freeman Appearing In 'Hollow Image' Source:Getty

5. Doing what he loves in ’80.


6. Look at that smile.

45th Annual Golden Globe Awards - Rehearsal Source:Getty

7. Morgan Freeman in ‘Lean On Me’ in ’89.

Morgan Freeman In 'Lean On Me' Source:Getty

8. And finally, Morgan and Myrna Freeman during the New York screening of ‘Presumed Innocent.’

New York Screening of Presumed Innocent - July 9,1990 Source:Getty
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