1. Troy

Throughout the movie, Spike Lee primarily focused on Zelda Harris’ character “Troy.” Stuck in a house with four rowdy brothers, a broke jazz musician as a father, and a school teacher for a mother, the audience gets the chance to see Troy mature as life throws obstacles in her way.

2. Zelda Harris

We don’t really know much about Zelda Harris’ life after Hollywood, except that she graduated from Princeton University in 2007. Since then, she virtually disappeared from the spotlight.

3. Minnie

“Minnie” was Troy’s adorable Puerto Rican friend who held her own against the older girls in Crooklyn.

4. Tiasha Reyes

There isn’t much on the whereabouts of Tiasha, but from what we did find, Tiasha was once pursuing a music career, but has since become a mother of twin boys.

5. Troy’s Cousin Viola

As the “daughter” of Aunt Song, Viola became Troy’s shoulder to lean on when her mother became sick and sent her down south for the summer.

6. Patriece Nelson

Today, Patriece Nelson teaches young adult ballet at First Class Dance Studio. She also received a Bachelor of Arts in dance from Marymount Manhattan University.

7. Carolyn Carmichael

Alfre Woodard plays “Carolyn,” the hardworking school teacher left to juggle a career and raise five children while her husband pursed a career as a jazz musician. She eventually succumbed to her death when she was diagnosed with a later stage of cancer.

8. Alfre Woodard

Today, Alfre Woodard has starred in countless Hollywood movies including “Twelve Years A Slave,” “Love & Basketball,” and was a season regular on ABC’s “Desperate Housewives.” She’s also been nominated for an Academy Award, and has won four Emmy Awards.

9. Tommy Lala

The neighbor who just couldn’t stop singing.

10. Jose Zuniga

Over the years, the Honduran-born actor has made appearances on “Law & Order,” “New York Undercover,” and more recently, “The Call” co-starring Halle Berry.

11. The Bodega Woman

“I’ll Never Go Back To Georgia” became a famous saying thanks to RuPaul’s transgender character, most notably known as the “Bodega Woman.”

12. RuPaul

RuPaul has had a lucrative career in fashion, acting, and even music. He or She (depending on the attire) is undoubtedly the most famous drag queen to date, and is currently raking in the dough over his hit reality show “RuPaul’s Drag Race.”

13. Vic

Vic was the Carmichaels’ tenant who lived upstairs. The no-nonsense war veteran made a name for himself around the neighborhood when he punched Tony Two Eyes in the face before calmly returning to his apartment.

14. Isaiah Washington

Isaiah Washington is most notably known for his role on ABC’s “Grey’s Anatomy,” where he played Dr. Burke. Unfortunately, Isaiah allegedly made homophobic remarks towards his colleague T.R. Knight and was subsequently fired from the show. Most recently, ABC announced Dr. Burke would be returning to “Grey’s Anatomy” for several guest appearances.

15. Tony Two Eyes

Tony Two Eyes was the pesky neighborhood guy who accused the Carmichael boys of throwing trash on his property. Tony Two Eyes served as the neighborhood punching bag, and eventually viewers began to feel bad for him.

16. David Patrick Kelly

David Patrick Kelly has had a great acting career, starring in television series like “Gossip Girl,” Law & Order: Criminal Intent,” and he made a small appearance in Adam Sandler’s “The Longest Yard.”

17. Joseph

Joseph is one of the youngest Carmichael sons.

18. Tse-Mach Washington

There isn’t much info on Tse-Mach, but we did find he attended SUNY Binghamton, and lists himself a “self-employed” on LinkedIn.

19. Nate

One of four Carmichael sons.

20. Christopher Knowings

Christopher Knowings has kept a low profile over the years. As a teenager, he starred on the teen TV series “Taina,” but most recently he starred as “Chris” on “Sesame Street” for the past five years.

21. Wendell

One of four Carmichael sons.

22. Sharif Rashed

Sharif has had small acting gigs on TV series such as “The Sopranos,” and a small role in “Hell’s Kitchen” starring Angelina Jolie.

23. “Clinton” Played By Carlton Williams

Unfortunately, Carlton Williams died in 2003 of complications from Sickle Cell Anemia.

24. Woody Carmichael & His Daughter Troy

Woody Carmichael was the head of the household, but unfortunately, he wasn’t such a good family leader. The aspiring jazz musician was so caught up in his own selfish desires, that he left the majority of the providing for his wife Carolyn to handle. When her cancer diagnosis was discovered, he ultimately stepped up and stepped in for his family.

25. Delroy Lindo

Like most of the other cast members of “Crooklyn,” Delroy Lindo has had a solid acting career. The English-born actor got his start in Spike Lee’s “Malcolm X,” but went on to star in countless Hollywood films like “Romeo Must Die,” and TV series like “Law & Order,” “The Chicago Code,” and “Kidnapped.”

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