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1. 2. Kreayshawn’s “Gucci Gucci” launched her into the limelight virtually overnight, but a few controversial friends and lackluster rhymes have left her struggling to gain respect as a femcee.

2. 3. Ke$ha isn’t what most people consider a “rapper,” but the party girl has a few bars up her sleeve and deeper music than what she calls “silly white girl rap.”

3. 4. V-Nasty became the most controversial rapper when she popped up on the scene alongside BFF Kreayshawn. Dropping the n-word got her in lots of trouble, but Gucci Mane still did a mixtape with her.

4. 5. Lil Debbie started off as The White Girl Mob’s DJ, but recently decided she wanted to bask in the limelight with her new track “2 Cups.”

5. 6. Kitty Pryde is a Daytona Beach, Florida rapper whose fun rap song “Okay Cupid” and bubbly personality make rap a little less serious and a little more fun.

6. 7. K.Flay would probably fall into the category as being the conscious white girl rapper. With a degree from Stanford, K.Flay doesn’t rap about designer gear and flossing.

7. 8. Dessa started off writing poetry and it translates in her rhymes. Dessa’s definitely the self-aware “poetic” white femcee.

8. 9. Mac Miller & Wiz Khalifa aren’t the only rappers reigning from Pittsburgh. Kellee Maize believes her raps can change the world for the better.

9. 10. Many people might not remember Sarai, but she was the first female white rapper to ever be signed by a major record label. She hasn’t dropped material in years, but she deserves to make the list.

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