Iman Shumpert was THIS close to getting in big trouble with NBA commissioner David Stern over, um, a haircut. What is so bad about a haircut? Well, apparently the adidas logo Shump shaved into the back of his head is against the NBA’s rules. According to the NBA rulebook, players are allowed to support a […]

Just when you thought Rutgers was in the clear! BLOG: Mike Rice Needs To Get Sent On A Long Vacation by Eric Newman On the heels of coach Mike Rice’s dismissal for berating the basketball team with homophoic slurs, the university said it plans to commission an independent review of its mens’s basketball team, including how […]

Rutgers Basketball Coach, Mike Rice, has been fired after a series of videos depicting him verbally and physically abusing players was released by ESPN.  Rice is filmed hurling basketballs at players’ faces and groins and yelling homophobic slurs.  DETAILS: Kevin Ware Suffers Most Gruesome Injury In Sports History The University made this statement on Twitter: […]

UPDATE 4/2 1:00PM EST Kevin Ware has left Methodist Hospital in Indianapolis pictured below on his crutches —— UPDATE 4/1 4:15 PM EST Up on his crutches and surrounded by family and friends, Kevin Ware had a message to all his supporters; he’ll be fine, but no, he’s NEVER watching the replay of his fall. […]

Dennis Lauscha, president of the New Orleans Pelicans, held a press conference Thursday to announce that his basketball team will no longer be known as the New Orleans Hornets. VIDEO: 17-Year-Old Tyrone Lawson Killed After HS Basketball Game in Chicago  They will furthermore be assuming the spirit of the Pelican, the state bird of Louisiana. […]

News of death in sports continues today, after the 32-year-old son of Donald Sterling, owner of the Los Angeles Clippers, was found dead on Sunday of an apparent overdose. PHOTOS: Hold Up!? Investigator Claims Whitney Houston Was Murdered Over Drug Debt?  According to TMZ: Sheriff’s Homicide Detectives were sent to a home on the 22600 block […]

To say that Jack Taylor, a college basketball player at Grinnell in Iowa, had a great night on the court Tuesday night would be an understatement. PHOTOS: Oh No! Hector “Macho” Camacho Shot In The Face In Puerto Rico  Taylor set an all-time record in the NCAA, scoring 138 points at the Division III school […]

Basketball is arguably one of the most fast-paced, competitive sports in the world of athletics, and getting to the pros is no easy task. We’ve watched college players make it to the NBA in the past, and even some of our favorite players came straight from high school. However the journey seemed to go, it was […]

A fan of the Lithuanian basketball team has been fined $3,910 after making racially offensive gestures towards the Nigerian team during a game this past Tuesday. Basketball officials have been asked to control the country’s fans during the Olympic Games. But a lawyer for the client stated that he believed the behavior was acceptable during a […]

Rajon Rondo, one of the Celtics’ leading scorers, will have to sit out for Game 2 of tonight’s playoffs due to his unnecessary chest bump with a referee. Although a one game suspension is not long, sitting out for more than 20 seconds during the playoffs is a huge deal and will certainly hurt the Celtics’ […]

The man who accused Syracuse University assistant basketball coach Bernie Fine of molesting him says it was all lies. STORY: NOT AGAIN! Syracuse Basketball Coach Bernie Fine Investigated For Child Molestation! Zachary Tomaselli of Lewiston, Maine says he lied when he accused Bernie Fine of molesting him. Tomaselli said Friday that he fabricated the allegations […]

NBA basketball courts long ago turned into a mecca for celebrity cameos; so it’s no surprise that supermodel fox Kate Upton would grace us with her presence during the Orlando Magic vs. New York Knicks game just last night. PHOTOS: Kate Upton for Beach Bunny Swimwear The blonde bombshell (and we do mean bombshell — […]