Things got out of hand at Stone Mountain Middle School in Georgia last Friday when a teacher and paraprofessional got into a brawl. The whole incident was caught on video and the two employees involved, Milan Ethridge and Brittany Randolph-Johnson, were fired from their positions. They were also arrested and charged with misdemeanor disorderly conduct. In the […]

Video footage of a South Carolina police officer picking up, throwing, and dragging a student while inside a classroom surfaced online Monday afternoon. In the footage, which was reportedly taken at Spring Valley High School in Columbia, the officer — identified as Ben Fields — is seen confronting a student, who appears to be a teenage […]

A teacher from Fairfield, Ohio has been suspended without pay after telling a student “We don’t need another black President.” Gil Voigt has been a teacher for 13 years, but the school is now taking steps to try and terminate him after he said the insensitive racial remarks to an African American student who showed […]