This week was a big week in Hip Hop. The Boss Ricky Ross drop his long awaited album ‘Teflon Don’. Now usually I would do a playlist with different songs & artist on it. Being that we love Rick Ross so much & feel like he has one of the best albums this year this […]


If the 2008 election year could be captured in one image, it would be visual artist, Shepard Fairey’s ‘Hope’ poster of President Barack Obama. That image, along with the ‘Yes We Can’ image Fairey worked on after Obama captured the majority vote, became synonymous with the man himself. From street light posts to billboards, Fairey’s […]

Kanye West will be making a special appearance on ‘The Cleveland Show.’ Set to air on May 2, Mr. West will be playing teenage rapper ‘Kenny West’ who gets into a battle with the shows Cleveland Brown, Jr. over school hottie Chanel, voiced by Taraji P. Henderson.  Co-creator of the show Rich Appel says West […]