Can you guess what percentage of fashion magazine covers in 2014 featured models of color? The answer: 17.3 percent. Now, why don’t you take a stab at the percentage of fashion ads from this past year. An even more bleak 14.03 percent. In the follow-up of its Diversity Report and a review on the past year in the […]

Pop quiz: How many fashion magazine covers featured models of color this year? That’s the question The Fashion Spot set out to answer with its 2014 Diversity Report, and the answer is unsurprisingly disappointing. According to the report, there were an incredibly disproportionate number of models of color on the front page of our favorite fashion glossies compared […]

How adorable is this on-screen couple? Mark Wahlberg and Amanda Seyfried were spotted in NYC this week filming scenes for the upcoming Ted 2. After much speculation, it is now confirmed that Seyfried will play Wahlberg’s love interest in the sequel. They were seen locking lips on the steps of Bryant Park as Ted looked on. No […]

The bossman is at it again. Earlier this week, Russell Simmons hosted an enormous party to benefit the Foundation For Ethnic Understanding’s 25th Anniversary. Simmons invited all of his celebrity friends to the event, which was held at his home, to learn more about the foundation and the amazing work that they do. The Foundation for […]

Trends may change, but season after season, show after show, one thing has been consistent: the lack of color seen on the runways of fashion week. And by color, we don’t mean the use of bold fabrics in prints and patterns alike. There’s always been an absence of models of color, a much-discussed topic time […]

Forgot your headphones? No problem, you won’t need them anymore anyways. With the help of Circa ’95, the Department of Small Business Services and the Under the Elevated initiative program from the Design Trust for Public Space, you will never wait for the subway without music again- until September 15. Equipped with seating, solar-powered LED […]


The World Wide Web showed its ignorance again this week, when a petition for Nintendo to change Link, a main character in the upcoming Legend of Zelda game, to a young black female backfired. The petition, created by Anton Watabe from Detroit, Michigan on, has ruffled some feathers, but it hasn’t stopped Watabe from standing behind his belief […]

The issue of diversity is not just black and white. Race and fashion has long been a firestorm consistently fueled by the lack of brown faces on runways and in the glossies, but Harper’s Bazaar is reminding us that beauty comes in all colors, sizes and shapes. The magazine’s latest beauty editorial is a first for […]

Maybe, just maybe 2014 will be the year the fashion world falls face first into the diversity that it has been so desperately lacking in the years past.  Following a call for diversity in high fashion, Prada has implemented the appearance of a black model in their latest ad campaign for the second season. For the Fall […]

UCLA might be one of the most prestigious universities in the country, but apparently they are one of the least diverse. A group of students recently made a video calling out the university for their lack of diversity when it comes to African-American males, which was led by Sy Stokes. The video is done in […]

Long after brands like Chanel and Givenchy take the runway in Paris, the celebrities will covet their designs and be on to the next one…but not Rick Owens…He’s making sure you remember his show. After putting on what will undoubtedly go down as one of the most memorable shows in Paris Fashion Week’s history of diversity, now […]

Things are turning around at the University of Alabama after a news article publicized race discrimination at the Southern school. School President Judy Bonner issued a video statement last night to encourage the increasing of diversity on the campus, which is exactly what the school is doing. According to USA Today, black students are now […]