Every fall we spot a ton of back-to-school advertising, sales and special promotions. Usually it’s for your average department store or boutique, but for this year’s season, DSquared decided to follow suit with the school trend.  Their Fall 2012 advertising campaign is set in a classroom with all of the students wearing DSquared. How chic! PHOTOS: LEAKED: […]

e first saw back in 2000. Over a decade later he’s added philanthropy and business owner to his resume, all while still managing to sell records on the hip-hop charts. Luda spoke to us about his latest work with condoms (it’s not what you think), being a Knicks fan and one of his greatest accomplishments […]


The latest from Durham and the legacy of the Duke Lacrosse case shows why our legal and political system works until when we apply the law in earnest, not through the guise of emotionalism. The Duke Lacrosse legacy took another strange twist indirectly with the arrest of Crystal Magnum last week during a violent argument […]