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Dearest Karrueche,  I am sure your life has changed quite a bit since you were linked to one of the biggest R&B stars in the world. Life has gone from food, fun and paparazzi-less outings with your girlfriends, to being featured on every single urban blog every time you step out with your uber famous […]

Former defensive back for the Tennessee Titans, Wade Davis, recently came out of the closet and discussed life as a gay man in the NFL. I applaud Wade for his bravery. I know it is difficult to tell the world that you’re a homosexual. There’s always going to be a fear of coming out of […]

I was told that we call our color race because we are all in a competition for supremacy. STORY: Stop & Frisk Watch! The App That’s Better Than Siri! That is complete bullsh*t. We have more in common with those who share the same economic background than ethnic background. That being said, more of us […]

Apparently John Henry Spooner, a 75-year-old man from Milwaukee, thinks we’re still living in the Jim Crow-era South. With no regard for the law, Spooner took matters into his own hands and murdered 13-year-old Darius Simmons, a young boy who lived next door to him. Spooner confronted Darius and his mother and accused the teen […]

Hello, I’m embarking on a new adventure, pioneering new ground. I’m writing a book. I have no idea how to begin or how to end, but I’m doing it. I figure there’s no better way to become the best in the world at something than to get help from the rest of the world. I’m also […]

In their search for our community to put a bandage over a bullet wound, there is new and lethal way to get high; teens are using this drug and effects are more than our community can handle. This is not a new drug but new to our community: “Bath Salts.” You can get this addictive […]

White people are getting way too comfortable when it comes to the word “nigga.”  Academy Award winning actress Gwyneth Paltrow is facing a hail of controversy after she tweeted a photo of herself with the caption: “Ni**as in paris for real @mrteriusnash (the dream) tyty, beehigh,” as she danced on stage with Terius Nash, aka […]

Governor Cuomo’s support for the decriminalization of marijuana is taking a huge step towards true justice in this land of the free. When my mayor is dedicating his time and energy to limiting my soda intake, it’s critical that our state has a prominent government official to take a stand on issues that affect the […]

  Summertime is here, which means tons of cookouts, frozen cocktails and cold beers, but many don’t know that drinking your calories can be a hidden source of weight gain. Most people don’t even realize just how many calories some of the beverages we drink really contain. STORY: Motivational Sales By Karim Ramos During the hot […]

Rudy Eugene, often referred to as the “Miami Zombie,” has taken over the national media after he was found naked eating a man’s face off, which he was subsequently shot and killed for.  STORY: Rudy Eugene’s Miami Face-Eating Victim Revealed As Ronald Poppo! Police suspect that new designer drugs known as bath salts are responsible for […]

Tuesday morning, a group of Catholic activists gathered in front of a NYC Cathedral to protest a reprimand the Pope issued to America’s largest organization of catholic nuns. Why? Because they spend too much time focusing on feeding the poor and woman’s rights, and not enough time talking about right to life from conception, and the Vatican’s […]


Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens, the court’s oldest member and leader of its liberal bloc, is retiring. President Barack Obama now has his second high court opening to fill. Stevens said Friday he will step down when the court finishes its work for the summer in late June or early July. He said he […]