First there was horse meat found in their beef meatballs, now Ikea can’t decipher the difference between moose meat and pork. DETAILS: Not Again! Horsemeat Now Found In 16 Different Countries!  More than 17,000 portions of moose lasagna has been tested in Europe and the results show 1.6 percent of the food tested had pork […]

Pay up or starve? DETAILS: EWW! USDA Buys 7 Million Pounds Of Pink Slime For School Lunches   Cafeteria employees at the Coehlo Middle School in Attleboro, Massachusetts have denied students of their school lunch if they have a negative balance on their pre-paid lunch cards.  Allegedly, 25 hungry students went home to notify their parents […]

Give me a break! We all know by now that Beyonce is a hard-working woman who is constantly plotting her next big move, but even she likes to indulge in a treat sometimes. PHOTO: GET THE LOOK: Beyonce Makes A Sexy Instagram Comeback In 10 Crosby Derek Lam The 4 singer has been an avid user of […]

Didn’t we go through this a couple weeks ago? DETAILS: Spaghetti & Horse Meatballs: Ikea Finds Horsemeat In Frozen Foods  The horsemeat scandal is growing bigger and bigger. On Tuesday, Tesco Plc, Britain’s biggest grocer, said that they had to pull its frozen meatloaf off shelves after it tested positive for between two to five percent […]

Did you order rotten pig with that glass of water? DETAILS: End Of Days?! New Superbug Found In U.S Hospitals Is Resistant To Anitbiotics  Apparently, infected pork is what’s hot in Shanghai. A reported 2,813 pigs and piglet carcasses have been retrieved around the city. The infected pork is raising health scares, as Shanghai residents […]

The sugar police have to leave town. BLOG: Soda Is The Chicago Of Beverages, It’s Killing Everybody!  A day before it was set to take effect, the ban on sugary drinks over 16 ounces was dismissed by a judge who deemed it “arbitrary and capricious.” Since its inception, the controversial plan spearheaded by Mayor Michael Bloomberg […]

The sugar police are here. Tomorrow it will be official. New Yorkers will not be able to purchase super-sized sugary drinks at restautrants, movie theaters, sports venues and street cars all due to a cola crackdown enacted by Mayor Michael Bloomberg. The regulations, which put a 16-ounce limit on sugary drinks, have sparked major backlash […]

This would-be robber got himself into some hot water…or coffee. DETAILS: Yo Quiero Taco Bell? Horsemeat Found In Taco Bell Beef! When a man tried to rob a Dunkin’ Donuts in West Haven, a quick-thinking employee used the company’s slogan to thwart him: America Runs On Dunkin’. No…literally. The woman threw hot coffee in the man’s […]

A pizza delivery guy was very upset after delivering a heavy load of $1,453.95 worth of pies and only receiving a $10 tip.  The delivery guy soon uploaded a photo of the shocking receipt online. Since then, the image has attracted over 1900 responses on Reddit.  LIST: Funniest Receipts: When Customers Leave More Than A Tip!  […]

Move over horsemeat! There’s a new food culprit in town. DETAILS: Spaghetti & Horse Meatballs: Ikea Finds Horsemeat In Frozen Foods  On Tuesday, Ikea stopped the sale of their almond cakes after Chinese custom authorities found a batch that showed traces of coliform bacteria, a type of bacteria that can be found in soil, vegetation, water and […]

Bad news for late-night eaters in UK who want their Taco Bell fix. DETAILS: Spaghetti & Horse Meatballs: Ikea Finds Horsemeat In Frozen Foods  Britain’s food regulator is reporting that the fast-food chain is the latest to be hit with the horsemeat scandal. According to authorities, horse has been found in beef products after the Food […]

Looks like it pays to be a gun lover in Virginia. DETAILS: This Is Horsesh*t! Nestle Latest Company To Find Horsemeat In Their Products!  All Around Pizza of Virginia Beach, VA is showing its appreciation for gun owners by offering them a 15 percent discount on their purchase. All gun owners have to do is show up with a […]