Coming into last night’s NFL Draft, the discussion centered around two things: who would draft Johnny Manziel and…well, really that was all anyone cared about. And, man, was it a roller coaster. Johnny Manziel, aka Mr. Football, was drafted by the Cleveland Browns on the 22nd pick. Before the draft, reports had the former Texas A&M quarterback as being top five. Obviously, they […]

When racists throw bananas in your face, you eat them. According to Color Lines, that’s exactly what Barcelona’s Barça soccer player Dani Alves did when racist sports fans threw a banana on the field during a game against Villarreal in Spain over the weekend. His teammate walked off the field, insulted, but Alves found humor in it.    Barça went on […]

Darren Sharper, the former NFL star wanted in New Orleans in connection with the alleged rapes of two women, turned himself in to Los Angeles police Thursday evening. Authorities in Los Angeles confirmed the arrest, but refused to provide any further details. Sharper, 38, was officially charged with two counts of rape two weeks ago […]

Darren Sharper is in hot water and by the looks of it, his life won’t be getting any easier any time soon. The former Super Bowl champion was recently accused of raping two women back in January, after two women said he drugged and sexually assaulted them. Sharper is suspected of 7 rapes in four cities (including […]

With the NFL draft a few months away, we may see the first openly gay player in the history of the league...

Looks like everyone wasn’t touched by Coca-Cola’s diverse Super Bowl commercial. After Coke aired the ad, featuring “America The Beautiful” sung in different languages, the company received major backlash from some viewers who felt that it was “very un-American.” Ironic, no? The Twitter hashtag #BoycottCoke was created, and much like the Cheerios ad on interracial couples, […]

Somewhere in the world, Macklemore is still smiling. Last night, the Seattle Seahawks took home the Super Bowl XLVIII trophy for the first time in franchise history, beating out the Denver Broncos. The game ended with a score of 43-8, the Seahawks dominating from start to finish – thanks especially to the team’s league-best defense. Seahawks standouts […]

Remember the inspirational letter two hearing-impaired girls wrote to Seattle Seahawks fullback Derrick Coleman (who also happens to be hearing-impaired)? Well, in addition to writing twin nine-year-old sisters Riley and Erin Kovalcik this super sweet note back, he gave his two biggest fans the surprise of their life. During their appearance on Good Morning America, Coleman […]

  So this “epic-ness” happened. On Jan. 29, NFL player Donte Stallworth and 5o dancers from Pace University surprised a crowd at Central Park when they broke out in a flash mob designed to educate people on the benefits of the Affordable Care Act. In partnership with Generation Progress, the flash mob was designed to […]

They won’t be front row, they won’t be in the crowd, and they won’t even be in the stadium, but the mother and grandmother of Denver Broncos player Demaryius Thomas won’t miss his Super Bowl debut for anything. Thing is, Katina Smith and her mom, Minnie Thomas, are incarcerated and will be watching the anticipated game […]

The rest of America might have been rattled by Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman’s now viral post-game interview on Sunday, but at least one person doesn’t care. Fox Sports host and interviewer Erin Andrews. In fact, the host, who was the subject of many memes in the days following the rant, said that the interview […]

What really made Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman super-hype in his post-championship game interview on Sunday? Well, he told the media it stemmed from an offseason beef between he and San Francisco 49er Michael Crabtree that he tried to rectify on the field. When he approached Crabtree to congratulate him, Sherman said he was pushed […]