Review:  Rockin’ it Suckers- New York City’s Most Wanted Graffiti Vandals By Ket and Cousin Frank Born in Philadelphia and raised on the streets of New York City, graffiti art created a generation of toxic fume breathers and paint splattered shoe wearers who lead lives masked by aliases. The most infamous of the hooded […]

Looks like the iPhone will finally find a worthy competitor in the Monthly Smartphone Death Match. The contender? The Samsung Galaxy II, which will make its debut stateside on August 29, if we are to believe a cryptic invite mailed by Samsung last week. PHOTOS: All The iPhone 5 Rumors You Can Handle The Galaxy 11, […]

New York-based luxury denim brand PRPS is gearing up to launch their first PRPS Goods & Co. collection for Autumn/Winter 2011.  New York-based luxury denim brand PRPS is gearing up to launch their first PRPS Goods & Co. collection for Autumn/Winter 2011.  The collection will be an aesthetic reflection of the personality behind the brand and […]

Call it the iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, iPhone Air, or just the new iPhone, but whatever you decide to name it, just be happy it’s finally HERE! The highly anticipated new iPhone pics were just released and with these promising photos, the world has so much to look forward to! The new iPhone pictures that […]

Hello Global Grind Fam!!!! It’s been a minute since I have blogged on here and since my last blog, if you search back, A LOT has happened in my life and I don’t mean that in just a good type of happen, but just overall….A LOT HAS HAPPENED IN MY LIFE!  As we all know, […]


I just felt like writing this blog because as you all know by now, I recently just got engaged to my beautiful fiance, Casey Johnson, heir to the Johnson & Johnson Empire.  I’ve always known about my fiance, but I had never met her before.  As a matter of fact, we used to hate each […]

Hey Everyone! I know what everyone is thinking….’OHHHHH HERE WE GOOOO AGAIN!’  Believe me…I know, cuz that’s exactly what I am thinking as well!  Why? Because right now I am so happy with my life!  I have a new TV Show in the works, am about to go on tour this month, a new book […]


A year ago when the country was in the process of electing our next president there was an unmistakable electricity in the air that said something big was about to happen. People were excited, animated, talkative, emotional. We were all sporting our ‘Obama, Yes We Can!’ t-shirts, buttons and educating ourselves on the political process. […]

I just wanted to take a moment to address all of my fans and the people I care about regarding my recent public suicidal meltdown online.  I don’t usually issue statements to address rumors, but since Suicide is a very serious subject, I felt that it is my responsibility to come clean and speak out […]


  Violence.  We hear about it daily. Some of us have been victims of it, some of us are guilty of it, and some of us are just standing by, wishing there was something more we could do to stop this non-sense of humans killing off one another and this segragation amongst the human race. […]