Everyone probably has that friend who brings the party with them wherever they go. Office, classroom, it doesn’t matter. One model from Instagram will drop it like it’s hot in the grocery store. Surely, it makes a tedious chore go by fast. Watch Morgan Dawson show off her moves in the clip below!

A huge fish aquarium broke and spilled at a grocery store this week, causing the fish to swim aimlessly around the supermarket, freaking customers out. It totally sounds like a an episode of Spongebob.   Unfortunately, that actually happened at a grocery store in Tbilisi — a country in Georgia.   But, the real question is: […]

It’s about that time when all your tensions from the week seem to seep out no matter where you are. A Thursday trip to the grocery store can turn into an all out funk session if the music’s right. Let the guy below tell you.   Somebody come get their uncle! Happy Almost Friday!