It’s said that every little girl dreams of what her wedding dress will look like but Beyonce is about to take that dream to another level. Brides to be across the world now have the chance to have a wedding just like the 31-year-old singer did in her “Best I Ever Had” music video. According […]

With success of her HBO series, Girls, Lena Dunham is the new fresh face to Hollywood and with that comes new found fame, praise and… haters. The actress/writer/director who recently won two Golden Globes sat down with Jon Stewart for the first time and sitting in The Daily Show seat she dishes on her post-ceremony […]

The Game Of Thrones family got a bit of bad news when one of their own was diagnosed with terminal cancer.  DETAILS: Seth Macfarlane Bags Game Of Thrones Hottie Wilko Johnson, who played Ilyn Payne during the first two seasons of the HBO fantasy drama, recently found out he is suffering from terminal pancreatic cancer. […]

  Lena Dunham’s fame has only just begun! The 26-year-old just inked a major deal that is setting her up nicely as a member of the 1 percent.   PHOTOS: Lena Dunham Is Charging $1 Million For Her Advice, Are You Buying It? Last week we reported that the writer, director, actress and her camp are shopping […]

Lena Dunham may only be 26, but she’s already created a show that’s garnered a cult following with GIRLS, and now she is shopping around for a million dollar book deal. Well, look who is having the best year ever! PHOTOS: “GIRLS” Just Want To Have Fun! Lena Dunham Covers ASOS Magazine According to a quasi-investigative […]

The HBO phenomenon series Girls is finally adding some color to their cast! Girls’ Star Lena Dunham: The Reason Behind The Drake & Chris Brown Brawl? The infamously pasty white show has leaked a casting notice that will finally break the coming of age program out of its pearly white eggshell. Girls is currently searching […]

Lena Dunham the star of HBO’s hit show Girls, is the reason Drake and Chris Brown had an all out brawl in New York City.  The 26-yea- old actress who plays Hanna Horvath on Girls took to twitter to express her remorse about the entire situation, tweeting: “I am ashamed about the brawl I started […]

Highly praised horseracing series Luck starring Dustin Hoffman and Nick Nolte has now been canceled after three horses died during filming. DETAILS: HBO’s “How to Make it in America” Canceled! The not-so-lucky cast and crew were slated for another eight months of the series, but after the unfortunate incident, the team announced the show has been discontinued.  PHOTOS: Shows […]

HBO announced that it cancelled not one, not two, but three shows! One of the shows to go was the beloved “How To Make It In America.” The series starred the Hip-Hop now turned rock artist Kid Cudi, Bryan Greenberg and Victor Rasuk. It revolved around these hipsters hustling to fulfill their dreams in the fashion […]


We heard Lil Wayne’s verse from an Empire mixtape ages ago, but here is the full version of “My Reality” featuring Mack Maine and Gudda Gudda. The track was produced by Timbaland and appears on Mack’s The Laxative mixtape. The mixtape also features T-Pain, Snoop Dogg, Gorilla Zoe, Jae Millz, Lloyd, KiD CuDi, Lucci Lou, […]


It’s been a crazy week in the political arena, from radio show host Lou Dobbs being accused of hiring undocumented workers to Jay-Z being targeted as a criminal by the Miami Police Department. With FAILS of this magnitude all around, this is this week’s Political FAILS. Lou Dobbs, the former CNN anchor who over the […]


Lou Dobbs is the latest former CNN personality to come under fire this week for something he said and did. Dobbs, for years now, has been Mr. throw them out and having a hard-line stance on undocumented immigrants and anyone who employees them. So as it turns out Dobbs has been hiring illegal immigrants for years, […]