When a hip-hop newcomer lands the coveted XXL Freshmen Class cover, the pressure’s usually on, but Decatur, Georgia rapper Jarren Benton wasn’t affected by industry pressure to deliver greatness.  Instead, the Funk Volume emcee focused on touring and developing a solid business plan with underground hip-hop veteran Tech N9ne and delivering a memorable body of work. We got the […]

Cali rapper Hopsin released a new video, “Ill Mind Of Hopsin 5,” for all his fans to enjoy and boy, did they hop on it.  DETAILS: XXL Reveals Their 2012 Freshmen Class! The “Nocturnal Rainbows” rapper released the video barely 24 hours ago and it’s already received 1.3 million views.  His previous “Ill Mind Of […]


Whuddup?!?  it’s  yo Uncle Snoop and I jus wanna say thanks for all tha support for Snoop Bowl VIII.   This is gonna be tha biggest Snoop Bowl ever and I’m happy to be doin it in Miami.   Shout out tha homeys – Deion Sanders, Terrell Owens, Ronnie Brown, and everyone else that is […]