human cupcake

Do you or someone you love suffer from baby face syndrome? Unfortunately, there is no real cure besides old age, but treatment is available to help as you continue to grow into that cute little face of yours. Call your hairstylist now, and you can add, like, a year or two to your look, just like Ariana […]

Got 99 problems and coming up with a Halloween costume is one of ’em? We’re less than a month away from the spookiest night of the year, and to be honest, the world does not need another girl dressed up in a sexy bumblebee, nurse, or pizza costume. OK, well actually, we’ll let that last one slide. Because […]

Oh hey, hair! We see you. Of the 99 problems Ariana Grande has, her hair has been problemo numéro uno. No, no, no shade. The “Love Me Harder” singer said so herself: She had to bleach her hair and dye it red for the four years she played Cat on Victorious, leaving it “so broken that it looks […]