Whoever said style and social justice don’t mix must be living under a rock, because the most trendy and subtle way to protest against injustice is through your wardrobe. LeBron James is no stranger to using fashion to object to the corruption happening all over the world — and Tuesday night’s NBA season opener game […]


Arrested at 17, Carlos Montero has been in Riker’s Island for 7 years without being convicted http://t.co/aMP8eaWNs0 via @dailykos — JoeInWV (@wvjoe911) June 16, 2015 A 24-year-old Manhattan man has spent nearly seven years in New York City’s Rikers Island jail awaiting trial, a jaw-dropping record for pretrial incarceration that is unlikely to end soon, […]

After being named in the 100-page Department of Justice report that detailed the systemic racial discrimination practices used by Ferguson officials, one judge has decided to resign from his position. According to reports, Judge Ronald Brockmeyer has left his title at the Ferguson municipal court after accusations of “significantly increasing court collections over the years.” He […]