German officials gave Justin Bieber 24 hours to contact them regarding the fate of our favorite furry little Belieber and unfortunately, it doesn’t look good.  OG Mally, Bieber’s 20-week-old Capuchin monkey, has been quarantined in a Munich animal shelter since April. Justin attempted to bring the animal into the country with him, but lacked proper […]

What’s a superstar without a fragrance line?! Selena Gomez just launched her new scent at NYC’s 34th Street Macy’s and she was certainly dressed for the pre-summer warm weather. The 19 year old bared some midriff and luscious legs with a bandeau top and matching high-waist shorts, in a all white ensemble. And Selena has some […]


Rachel Zoe has become a household name ever since her television show hit the Bravo Network two seasons ago. Whether you are gawking at her oh so slender physique, the hilarious slogans she uses or dishing about what celebrity she most recently styled, you can’t not watch. Another thing that may have had you tuned […]