It’s 2013 and everyone should be #TeamNoBraids.  Actress Bo Derek was one of the first white women in Hollywood to rock braids, and while braids were adorably cute on Bo Derek, it’s not cute on everyone. Singer Ke$ha was spotted rocking pink and blue cornrows on the set of her new video “Crazy Kids,” and […]

Call her Countess Dracula.  DETAILS: OOH GIRL YOU NASTY! Ke$ha Says She Smells Like A Hobo When she isn’t fantasizing about having sex with a ghost on songs like “Supernatural,” Ke$ha is totally dreaming about a blood-loving cutie to suck the life out of her.  An unreleased track titled “Vampire” has leaked on the ‘net, and […]

Blood suckers! PHOTOS: DOPE DOMES! Rockers & Rappers With Head Tattoos  The life of a vampire has always been depicted in fictional movies and books, but rarely are vampires depicted musically.  LIST: PERFECT BITCH! 10 Rappers Besides Kanye Who Rap About Kim Kardashian Ke$ha’s previously unreleased track “Vampires” hit the ‘net today, and although it’s […]

Who knew that Ke$ha was such a big fan of English rock band Blur?  The wild pop star samples Blur’s classic “Whoo Hoo” for her track, similarly called “Whoohoo.” PHOTOS: Uh, Eww! Ke$ha Makes A Crown Out Of Teeth From Real Live Human Fans  There have been snippets and low quality versions of the previously unreleased song out […]

Get yo life, Ke$ha! DETAILS: WAIT, WHAT!? Ke$ha Agrees With “Die Young” Ban, Says She Was Forced To Sing Lyrics Just when we thought Ke$ha couldn’t get anymore disgusting, she releases her golden shower memoirs.  In a recent interview with BBC’s Radio 1, Ke$ha revealed quite a few disturbing things about her and her brother […]

Ke$ha was very patriotic for yesterday’s 2013 RIAA Presidential Inaugural Charity Benefit held at the 9:30 Club in Washington, D.C. The “Die Young” singer was decked out in a red suit embellished with blue sequined stars and outlined in white – a veritable American flag!  Apparently the white around the stars was not enough, because […]

What can we say about Ke$ha and her “C’Mon” video other than that it’s so…Ke$ha. In the video, which dropped yesterday, there’s everything from random acts of violence, to motorcycle-riding, to animals.  PHOTOS: Uh, Eww! Ke$ha Makes A Crown Out Of Teeth From Real Live Human Fans  It’s a sick video that Ke$ha talks about in this […]

After Ke$ha’s “Die Young” debacle, the “We R Who We R” singer is back at it, and this time she isn’t singing about death. NEW VIDEO: Ke$ha “Die Young”   Ke$ha decided to add some trashy party girl visuals to her latest single “C’Mon.” The video kicks off with a very miserable Ke$ha dressed as […]

Ke$ha brushes her teeth with a bottle of Jack, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t love cute, cuddly blue eyed kittens.  The always over the top songstress traded in her grit for a girly look as the cover girl of Seventeen magazine.  PHOTOS: Ke$ha Agrees With “Die Young” Ban, Claims She Was FORCED To Sing Morbid […]

Ke$ha made headlines for two reasons this week.  DETAILS: Ke$ha Agrees With “Die Young” Ban, Claims She Was “Forced” To Sing Lyrics First, her lead single “Die Young” lost 19 million radio spins after Friday’s Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre, and secondly, Ke$ha caused a stir when she claimed she was “forced” to sing the […]

Ke$ha had us, but now, we’re lost.  LIST: Ke$ha & Other Artists Who Plummeted Off The Music Charts The Warrior singer made headlines this week when her lead single “Die Young” plummeted on the music charts after Friday’s horrific Sandy Hook Massacre.  After losing 19 million spins on the radio, Ke$ha finally spoke out in […]

Ke$ha can’t catch a break.  NEW VIDEO: Ke$ha “Die Young”  First, Taylor Swift whipped her “Tick Tock” cakes, causing Ke$ha to debut at number six on the music charts, and now her lead single “Die Young” is dying fast on the charts.  After tragedy struck the small Connecticut town of Newtown, where 20 children and […]