Who hasn’t heard the saying “live like there’s no tomorrow?” Well Ke$ha has, and decides to elaborate on that with her single “Die Young.” PHOTOS: Ke$ha Unveils “Die Young” Cover Art! “Die Young” is the first joint off the rebellious firecracker’s upcoming Warrior album. PHOTOS: WHOOP WHOOP! Ke$ha Reveals New Album Title, Release Date & Cover Art! […]

“You already know…that’s the motto, n***a YOLO!” NEW MUSIC: Drake & Lil Wayne “The Motto!” But even though the motto is the YOLO acronym, which means, “You only live once,” there’s a few adjectives that can be circumscribed to such a philosophy. And words that might come to mind instantaneously, like you’re playing a game of […]

First Ke$ha was an animal, now she’s a warrior. DETAILS: WHOOP WHOOP! Ke$ha Unveils New Album Title & Release Date The “We R Who We R” singer released the cover art to her forthcoming single “Die Young” earlier this week, and just yesterday, Ke$ha unveiled the cover art to her sophomore album Warrior.   The standard […]

Ke$ha keeps hitting her fans with dope surprises.  PHOTOS: Ke$ha Unveils “Die Young” Single Art Yesterday, Ke$ha unveiled the official cover art for her new single “Die Young,” and let’s not forget how she showed the world how to get the party started on the Japanese subway.  Ke$ha hit up her “animals” via Twitter to […]

She’s backkk!  DETAILS: Ready To Get Sleazy!? Ke$ha’s Working On A New Album! Ke$ha, the queen of party rocking and “white girl rap,” has returned to music with her new single “Die Young.” Last week, Ke$ha released a video of herself whistling “Die Young” on a Tokyo subway. Days later, Ke$ha gave her fans a little more […]


Are you ready?! Ke$ha just announced that the follow up album to her 2010 release Cannibal, is slowly but surely coming together. The wild pop star just confirmed in a handwritten letter that five songs have already been completed and sent to mix! DETAILS: Oh Snap! Bei Maejor Reveals Ke$ha’s Mom Can Rap! The “We […]

Known for her crazy fashion and rock star lifestyle, Ke$ha is one of the latest celebrities to get an attention-grabbing tattoo that would have gotten us normal folk slapped by our mamas. NEW MUSIC: SNIPPET: Ke$ha “Supernatural” The 25-year-old singer got the words “suck it” etched in black ink along the inside of her bottom lip, and […]

She’s baaacccckkk! PHOTOS: Ke$ha R.Kelly-ed The Street & Tweets About It! Party girl Ke$ha released a snippet of her new song “Supernatural.” The Dr. Luke-produced banger is a classic Ke$ha record, but the beard-loving singer is working on being deeper than party music.  “When you take my body to the stars I believe it / […]

Ke$ha really is a hard character to pin down.  After selling droplets of her blood with her albums and tweeting a photo of herself breaking the law by urinating in public, the songstress suited up in the American flag for the cover of V magazine’s Issue #77.  PHOTOS: Ke$ha “R.Kelly-ed” The Street & Tweets About It!  Gearing […]

School is cool, but not if you’re one of these celebrities.  LIST: 10 Musicians Who Should Resurrect As Holograms! It’s not uncommon to hear your favorite celebrity is a high school or college dropout, but what is uncommon is the overwhelming success these celebs have had with little to no formal education.  It’s not everyday […]


Yum. The Flaming Lips have been all about reaching out and making bonds with various talented artists in the game, including wild girl Ke$ha. But we would have never thought they intended to get this close. VIDEO: Ke$ha & The Flaming Lips Play With Glitter & Go Crazy In The Studio! Flaming Lips frontman Wayne Coyne is […]

News broke today that with the help of the band Flaming Lips, party girl Ke$ha is releasing her blood in their forthcoming album.  LIST: 10 Crummy Jobs Pop Stars Had Before They Were Famous We know it’s definitely weird, but some music artists find themselves covered in blood more than they’re covered in glitter and […]