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Local DJ’s don’t come for us we’re just the messengers but, Paris Hilton was paid a rousing $347,000 per hour, yes per hour, to DJ at Ibizia’s Amnesia Club on Wednesday night. The heiress was given flack for lack of actually mixing music and simply pressing play on a Beyonce mix. Find out more about it […]

Model, actress, and singer Sky Ferreira is defending her longtime friend and photographer Terry Richardson following backlash he received for both his work on Gaga’s latest rapey video, and a myriad of sexual assault accusations. Read about it here. [SPIN] Chicago’s own Lupe Fiasco has created the official World Cup anthem for the United States team. The track is called “Stellar Light” […]

Everyone’s screaming Lupe back, and he is. Lupe Fiasco stopped by his Chicago hometown radio station to premiere a new song titled “Next To It,” featuring his Cali homie Ty Dolla $ign. This isn’t the first time these two have gotten together. Earlier this year, Lupe released “$nitches,” which also features the CA crooner. Lupe’s […]

Lupe’s up to something… The momentum continues to build as Lupe Fiasco‘s new album Tetsuo and Youth nears its release date. After the whole fiasco (no pun intended) featuring the Chicago emcee saying some not-so-flattering comments about Kendrick Lamar, Lupe’s caught our attention once again. In a recent interview with MTV News, he revealed that a song […]

From record labels to legendary producers, Lupe Fiasco has had a lot of fights over the last couple of years. However, none are as important as the battle he takes on in “Mission,” the rapper’s first single off his upcoming Tetsuo & Youth album. On the song, Lupe takes aim at cancer. The most powerful moment of the track […]

The-Dream’s surprise single “Black” has been years in the making. As we deal with the effects of Donald Sterling’s racist comments, other powerful images on the side of equality come to mind. As the LA Clippers place their jerseys inside out, we are reminded of the late, great Nelson Mandela, the Civil Rights Movement, and many other social heroes […]

We can definitely get used to this pairing. Lupe Fiasco and TDE’s Ab-Soul offer up a new sinister collaboration. Following the release of “$nitches & $nitches 2 (30s),” Lupe releases “Thorns & Horns.” “I’m the heir apparent from a pair of parents/ Taught me that sharin’s carin’ so I spread the bread out/That’s what I need/To […]

It may be Oscar weekend, but the Hip-Pop musicians of the world are giving some of our favorite actresses a run for their money. As tons of new music came out this weekend, Bow Wow finally gave us a visual for his song “Nah.” Putting on for his new home, New York City, the 106 & […]

Is Lupe Fiasco getting ratchet? No, not really. However, he does have a song with the king of the L.A. ratchet scene right now, Ty Dolla $ign. The song is called “$nitches,” and it’s a playful, bouncy track from the two. Before the song, there’s a skit where Lupe says “we got touchdowns on the […]

He was in the trap house, watching 9/11. Lupe Fiasco hops on Que’s street anthem “OG Bobby Johnson” and remixes it with his own version titled “Thot 97” (10 cool points for the witty title). “You can flip a coin, head or tails my n*gga, bet it land on the flatside/always be a winner, you […]

Lupe Fiasco goes back to the old school in his new video “Old School Love.” Teaming up with labelmate and UK sensation Ed Sheeran, Lupe watches broadcasts of Chicago’s violent murder rate on a television screen. Ed Sheeran eventually joins his hip-hop friend and the two reflect on better days and better times. Last week, […]

Lupe Fiasco debuted new song “Drizzy’s Law” live in Atlanta during his Tetsuo & Youth preview tour. The crowd’s response to the new track off his upcoming album was well received and Lupe ran with it – vibin’ with the audience, he was definitely feelin’ himself. However, the interesting song title sparks speculation of whether or not […]