After tons of rumors and speculation over the past few years, Drake and Serena Williams accidentally confirmed their relationship: the superstars were caught making out in a restaurant in Cincinnati. It wasn’t just any makeout; we’re talking sitting on laps, plenty of tongue, and face in boobies. The duo had a private room in the back, but couldn’t keep their […]

When the Queen of Pop shoves her tongue down your throat in front of thousands and thousands of people, we can only imagine that at that point, you’re just happy she chose you. Unless you’re living under a rock, you know Drake was Madonna‘s chosen one, as she surprised fans and hit the Coachella stage […]

Kid Cudi‘s latest acting role in James White premiered at Sundance last Friday. Cudi plays the gay best friend of the main character and during filming, the Cleveland rapper had to make out with another man. Unfortunately, the scene was cut out during editing. During a recent interview with Billboard, Cudder says he was mad that his same-sex makeout session was scrapped: “I’m mad […]