Will the best Jewish rapper please put on their yarmulke? Rap newcomer Mac Miller playfully tweeted to his fellow Jewish rapper Drake about being the best Jewish rapper. Mac Miller, who is the self-proclaimed “coolest Jewish rapper,” always talks about being Jewish. Rapper Drake who is half-Jewish had a bar mitzvah, just like his Jewish […]

“I have the most sensitive skin on earth” is what everybody says and some of us really do. My face breaks out if someone kisses my cheek who’s body chemistry doesn’t match mine, I’m allergic to wool, dogs, cats, grass, pollen and the list goes on.   Most people with sensitive skin also have eczema or some form of […]


WTF? If you know that I get up at 4:30 am Monday thru Friday to do the Ed Lover Show on Power 105, and you speak to me throughout my day and know that I didn’t go straight home from work and that I just walked in at around 3:30 pm, why would you call […]