Terrence Howard might have to dish out some of his Empire earnings due to a ruling on Wednesday. In a California appeals court, a three-justice panel ruled to reinstate Howard’s divorce judgement involving his second wife — a judgement that was tossed out by a lower court in 2015. The ruling could allow Michelle Ghent to […]

Terrence Howard has been going through a lot of drama following accusations that he physically abused his ex-wife Michelle Ghent. Now, the famed actor – most recently starring in The Butler – has agreed to stay 300 yards away from her for the next three years. Terrence also agreed to pay $14, 800 in legal […]

Say it ain’t so. Terrence Howard‘s ex-wife Michelle Ghent is claiming her former husband abused her. Michelle says that The Butler star beat her on July 29 during a trip to his Mal Pais Costa Rican vacation home in an effort to salvage their relationship. Michelle showed off a black eye, bruised forehead and marks all over her […]