mike jay

Upcoming R&B star Mike Jay is buzzing in the singing world with his smooth and sensual voice, and now he’s just released a visual to go along with his new track “Birthday Suit.” Pleading to his woman to take things to the next level between them, Mike sings his heart out on stage before taking […]

When you look under the radar long enough, you strike gold. And if there is any up and coming artist you need to give a listen to, it’s 21-year old singer/songwriter Mike Jay. The Detroit-native has a futuristic take on sensual R&B, as perfect for the club as it is for the bedroom. With a […]

You might not know exactly who Mike Jay is yet, but with the way he’s working, you will very soon. The 21-year-old Detroit native is an up and coming singer/songwriter who’s taking R&B by storm. Boasting sex appeal and smooth sounds, the soulful Virgin Records artist recently dropped an EP that the ladies will definitely love. With growing hits like […]