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<p>DryerBuzz News Podcast and NetTV</p><p>Guests were the first to preview BlackAtlas.com (SM), a social networking site focused on sharing black culture experiences from around the world&hellip;. During his presentation, Nelson noted that BlackAtlas.com is intended for anyone interested in finding or sharing African-American culture and Black Black history around the world, as well as rating […]


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Will our Historically Black Colleges and Universities begin to ROAR (Reclaim Our Academia’s Republican Roots) now with President Obama’s desire to cut funding? Americans supporting President Obama have constantly compared his moxy, poise, and organization favorably to President Bush. They have called him a champion of the people while calling Bush, among other things, a […]

We hear it often enough from our brethren, "I’ve got Indian in my family." But is it true. Not likely, according to America’s premier scholar on African-American studies.


In a month of violence gruesome even by our own standards, 57 people have lost their lives in eight mass shootings. The killing grounds include a nursing home, a center for new immigrants, a child’s bedroom. Before that it was a church, a college, a daycare center.

This American Idol results show featured tons of performances, including those of the crowd-pumping hip-hop variety and twangy country alike. But there was also a surprise blast from the past, an un-lip-synched group number and, of course, one of our Top 8 sang for his/her life. Who did America vote into the Bottom 3? And […]

Watch this Video : Flo Rida Right Round Live American Idol!

Anoop Desai, Scott MacIntyre and Lil Rounds tumbled into this week’s bottom three on Tuesday night’s "Idol." Read on to find out which one of them was booted — or saved by the judges! "There’s certainly a couple people, one in particular, who we would definitely consider saving," Simon Cowell said of the trio. With […]

What were you doing last night!? If you’re anything like us… that "off-time" after work turns into "crunch-time" as you realize you only have a few hours until it’s time to start the next day… And unfortunately, our favorite prime time shows get lost in the shuffle… CATCH UP TODAY!!

<p><a href="http://ready2beat.com/entertainment/television/american-idol-results-march-26-32609-season-8-top-9-result&quot; title="American Idol Results March 26, 2009 – Top 10 Elimination 3/26/09">American Idol 2009 Top 10</a> – Elimination Prediction Poll, You&rsquo;ve seen the the American Idol 2009 Top 10 perform their favorite Motown classic, now make your Top 10 elimination prediction.Vote in the poll below for who you think will be going home Thursday […]


In an internet community filled with ‘exclusive’ music, videos and beefs where A-Z list celebrities foam at the mouth in anger, there’s rarely a opportunity to catch someone who wants to address issues that impact everyday folk. Below is one of those videos.  Meet Timbi, a member of the globalGrind community who has created ‘The […]