If you live in a major city, chances are you’ve had to subject yourself to the necessary evil that is public transportation. Whether its trains, busses, or ferries, all public transportation totally blows. It’s slow, it smells, something’s always broken (or a passenger’s “sick”), and there’s almost never enough space for everyone. It doesn’t make […]

We’ve all been there. Either your commute is too long or you’re just dog-tired from work or school, but falling asleep on the train is one of those things that just happens. And when the young fellow in the black jacket did just that on a Q Train in NYC, dropping his head on the […]

New York City is really the city of dreams, and if you’re a makeup lover, this is definitely something you’ve thought about: Makeup vending machines. Yes, they are a real thing, and they’re going to be right here in the NYC subways. From Monday through the end of December, the 42nd Street/Bryant Park subway station will be […]