A few stars have come together in honor of women around the globe who are currently suffering from poverty, exploitation, and denial of their basic right to an education. In a new campaign video for “We Are Silent”, Selena Gomez, Jennifer Hudson, Clive Davis, Seth Rogen, Joe Jonas, Big Sean, and more speak out for […]

There was so much more to the 86th Academy Awards than what viewers got to see. Fortunately for us, Ellen DeGeneres had the cameras rolling the entire time and decided to share some behind the scenes gems with the world. While making her rounds backstage, Ellen caught up with Jennifer Lawrence to talk about their […]

Earlier this week, we reported that Disney darling Selena Gomez entered rehab for “exhaustion.” Needless to say, we were surprised that the seemingly perfect “Stars Dance” singer was another member of the celebrity rehab club. Now, Demi Lovato is opening up about her friend of 14 years’ secret two-week stay in an Arizona facility last month. Demi, who herself […]