post baby body

Evelyn Lozada just keeps on surprising us. It seemed like out of nowhere, Evelyn announced she was pregnant and engaged to Carl Crawford. Now, she’s not only showing off her stunning post-baby body, she’s also revealing a bunch of new secrets about herself. Did you know Evelyn was once in a girl group? She revealed to Us […]

Finally! The world doesn’t have to imagine what Evelyn Lozada and fiancé Carl Crawford look like as a couple, the pair were spotted out on a date in LA. Lozada, who recently gave birth a few weeks ago, left new-born son Carl Leo at home so she could spend some Mommy & Daddy time with […]

As if Halle Berry’s ageless beauty wasn’t unfair enough, she’s proved that even after having a “miracle” baby at 47, she’s still hotter than her entire peer group. Last night, Halle Berry emerged from post-pregnancy hiding as her old radiant self with a new mommy glow, as she returned to the red carpet in a […]