Editor’s Soapbox

Beyonce is known for being a feminist. Not only does she represent the incredible heights a woman can soar to but she promotes messages of female empowerment at the same time. I have listened to the song “Pretty Hurts” multiple times, in many different types of situations, around all sorts of type of people and […]

Always be yourself—unless you can be Beyoncé. The truth is, you can never be Queen Bey. You will never wake up like that. But fortunately for you, there’s only one special day when you can try your hardest, and that day is Halloween, of course. Each week, we’ve been giving you hip-pop Halloween costume inspiration from some of […]

He’s starred in Beyoncé’s “Pretty Hurts” video, Lana Del Rey’s short film “Tropico” and Katy Perry’s “E.T.” But now 22-year-old Shaun Ross is stepping into his own spotlight with an inspiring TED Talk. Growing up with albinism had been a struggle for Shaun, who, before becoming a rising star in the industry, was once kept inside the house by […]