It’s official. Midterm elections are over, and the votes are in. Last night was one for the books — the GOP took back the Senate, Congress made history by welcoming the 100th woman for the first time ever, and recreational marijuana use became legal in the nation’s capital. Check out these stories below to see […]

John Legend wants everyone to be aware of the good that comes from voting yes on Proposition 47 in California on November 4th. In a special op-ed for the Huffington Post, the singer and philanthropist explains the harsh realities Americans face in the prison system for petty crimes. In his editorial, Legend encourages people in California to vote […]

What issue would drive Academy Award winning actor Tim Robbins to come out on a Saturday morning to speak with community residents in South Los Angeles? What issue would inspire multi-faceted artists like Patrisse Cullors and Patrick Martinez to share their personal stories with the world? What issue would motivate artists like Olivia Wilde, Aloe […]