So this happened. Because 2013’s America isn’t yet sure how to refer to black people, TMZ decided to ask their audience which term was correct. The site poses the shocking question in a way that makes it clear they aren’t giving those in question a say on how they wanted to be addressed. [insert argument […]

A Detroit blog has exposed police officers from the Grosse Pointe Park area after they filmed themselves harassing African-American males on camera. According to The Huffington Post, a blog called Motor City Muckraker run by Steve Neavling, a former Detroit Free Press reporter posted two videos that show African-American men singing and making animal sounds, allegedly […]

A leading human rights organization is calling Dunkin’ Donuts out on a “bizarre and racist” advertisement for chocolate doughnuts they released in Thailand. The advertisement features a smiling woman wearing bright pink lipstick and blackface makeup. The coffee shop powerhouse launched the campaign earlier this month for its new “Charcoal Donut.” The problem is blackface is […]