Streetwear—To some, it’s another clothing genre. But to others, it’s a lifestyle. Often mislabeled as nothing more than an “urban” way of dressing, ask anyone who lives it and you’ll find out that it’s much, much more. We did just that at Agenda NYC, where potential buyers and enthusiasts alike milled around the Javitz Center, which hosted […]

Since naming his third album Graffiti in 2009, it’s no secret that Chris Brown is a huge fan of the art form. We’ve gotten to see his passion for art come through in his music, his many tattoos, and his own personal creations. Now we’ll get to witness his craft in an even bigger way. The X singer is […]

If you’ve seen Beyonce wearing her African dashiki jersey or Angela Simmons rocking her favorite ‘Graffiti’ leather jacket, you were probably wondering who the dope designer is behind those original pieces. Ron Bass is a Brooklyn artist turned designer, taking over the fashion world one unique piece of art at a time. With his distinct love […]