Welcome back to another Blac Chyna saga sure to have you questioning, wondering, and then finally…just giving it all to God.   If you haven’t been up to date, Chyna got into a bit of a snafu over the weekend when she was caught fighting with a stroller at Six Flags.  That’s right, at one […]

You might want to reconsider your summer trip to New Jersey’s Six Flags Great Adventure. One of the park’s most popular roller-coasters, Nitro, got stuck midway and the passengers were forced to find their way back to the ground, by walking along the tracks. How scary is that?! A Six Flags representative says that, because of […]


It was a nightmare turned reality at Six Flags Magic Mountain amusement park just north of Los Angeles on Monday. A roller coaster derailed after striking a fallen tree branch, causing injuries and leaving park-goers stranded for about three hours. Firefighters working from 20 feet in the air labored to rescue all of the passengers from the […]