Someone found a vintage clip of Mariah Carey struggling with her notes while singing with Busta Rhymes and it’s the best laugh we’ve had all day. Although uncle Bust sounds just as wretched as auntie Mariah, it’s funnier to watch the skinnty queen herself prove that age is something but a number — it’s a […]

One of the oldest sayings in show biz is that regardless of the mishap, the show must go on. Apparently Trippie Redd got the memo because on Saturday, the Ohio native slipped and fell on stage in Chicago all while continuing to rap every single one of his bars. Despite the minor mishap. Trippie […]

It’s real out here in these wintery streets, and if you’re not careful, you’re in for a lot of slip ups. Tim Besecker found this out the hard way when he made an epic slide down a blanket of ice in his driveway. Luckily, he wasn’t injured and he took the glide with humor. The […]