When Mrs. West reached 45 million followers on the social network last night, Kim did what she does best. ...She showed her boobs!

Wiz Khalifa is one of the kings of sharing his thoughts and opinions on Twitter. These "thoughts" can be epic, inspirational, and hilarious

Both brilliant and beautiful, actress/singer Zendaya has some of the best celebrity tweets around. So for this week’s Socially Decoded, we had a bunch of funny folks try and figure out a few of Zendaya’s thoughts she put into 140 characters or less. Please be aware that these are all jokes, and the views expressed by […]

Two weeks ago, the pregnant reality star promoted Diclegis, a morning sickness pill, to her 42+ million followers on Instagram

Kylie Jenner‘s 18th birthday celebration has gotten just as much attention on social media as Donald Trump’s increasing popularity in the presidential election…which is kind of hilarious and also kind of terrifying. August 10th was a big day for the youngest Jenner sister, as it marked the day she could officially get a tattoo, buy a […]

Kim Kardashian is one step away from changing our social media experience forever. We surely hate those moments when we tweet something and realize we’ve made a typo afterwards, only to delete it and type it all over again. The soon-to-be mother of two and selfie extraordinaire is using her platform to enhance the Twitter […]

Tyler, the Creator has one of the best Twitter accounts in the game; his caps lock logic has filled people with joy, anger, and moments of zen. This week’s Socially Decoded is all about the Odd Future member’s mind in 140 characters. So, we had some of the funniest people tackle Tyler’s tweets: Taxstone from the popular podcast Tax […]

F*ck yeah, it’s Shark Week. The first Shark Week premiered on July 17, 1988, and since then…nothing’s been the same. Year after year, people around the world mark their calendars for Discovery Channel’s week-long shark-fest, an absolute feeding frenzy for shark lovers everywhere. In 2010, at just 27 young years old, the program became the longest running cable TV […]


In response to a picture posted to her Twitter and Facebook accounts that shows son Bobby Deen in a brownface portrayal of Ricky Ricardo

Once in a while we come across a Twitter legend, someone who balances the ratchet with the logical to perfection. In comes Riff Raff. The rapper  – who goes by “Jody High Roller” on Twitter – has laid down some gems for the world to enjoy and in accordance, the cast of Socially Decoded evaluated […]

Teens all around the world are posting videos of themselves transforming from “ugly” to “beautiful” for a new viral trend called the “Don’t Judge Challenge.” The videos are all over Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, showing teens with over-drawn unibrows, drawn-on acne, and glasses…then, with a flick of the wrist, they turn “attractive.” The thing is, […]

A definitive measure of one’s dopeness may be determined by the quality of compliments they receive. When Rihanna tells you “you’re so fucking rare,” you know you’re dope. That’s exactly what happened to Seattle resident Sanam, one of Rih’s right-hand-women from the “Bitch Better Have My Money” music video. From Sanam’s interview with VICE: You posted an Instagram snapshot of […]